Beyond Academics

Beyond Academics

Personality Development

With its primary focus on interpersonal skills, the school has an Extensive programming that is Designed to Polish the overall personality Of a child.The child is groomed and made to participate in personality development training sessions to discover the hidden aspects of their own personality and accelerates success.

Career Counselling

We help our students understand their own self, so that they can take an informed decision about career and education. Career counseling deals with diverse range of issues from stability in thought to boosting the moral of a student. From Grade VIII onwards the school allows students to participate in seminars and workshops organized by different academic and professional organizations that increases the knowledge about the different career options and make students aspire big and prepare themselves from young age to reach to their goals.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are the most sought – after quality of a student. To become an effective communicator students are made to polish their English phonetics in the Language Lab, participate in daily debate and elocution classes , MUN, they are horned on active listening skills, effective questioning skills, presentation skills and non verbal communication skills.

Other Activities

Apart of all, the school arranges minimum 4 field trips every year for all children. From Grade IX onwards the school also plans an international educational tour giving an exposure to Internationalism to them. The regular clubs at the school are headed by the School Cabinet Members and are taught to resolve student related issues in co ordination with the teachers that allows the student to develop managerial skills , decision taking ability and make then more responsible individuals ultimately horning the leadership skills in the children.


The school prepare students for District, State and National Level Competitions in Sports and Academics like Mathematics, Science and English Olympiads, MUN, Interschool competitions and Inter House Competitions at school. All these help children to inculcate a competitive spirit from young age and identify the areas that they need to work on and hence succeed.

Beyond Academics