Sports is an Integral part of any school. We at TNR Excellencia believe that “A strong body makes the mind strong.” It enhances the self-esteem and mental alertness of children. Every parent wants their child to be mentally and physically strong. So, as we believe in parent school relationship, it becomes equally important them to support & encourage their child to pursue their dreams. As we have many international sports been played in India, Kids have also started following a lot of sports unlike Cricket, Badminton, Football & many more.

Kids have their idols like Virat Kohli, P. V. Sandhu, Saniya Mirza, M S Dhoni & get inspired by watching them play and want to be like them. That’s exactly when it’s really important to understand the kid’s potential & encourage them to go ahead with whatever sports they want to pursue. We at TNR Excellencia help our kids & also give them the platform through various competitions to excel in their field of interest. Kids have a lot of options to choose from to what sport they want to play. We are also tied up with Hyderabad Cricket Board & Lawn Tennis Board of twin cities.